Picking a viviarium couldn't be easier

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Why are we king of vivariums?
Stackable Design

Terapod vivariums are just begging to be stacked. You can mix it up by using different sizes and still achieve a flush edge. Want to stack on a cabinet, no problem.

Quick & Easy Build

We understand that the majority of reptile owners have more than one reptile. That's why we made sure that our vivs can be built quickly and easily, averaging around 12 mins!

Smart Back Panel

The back panel is the last piece to be installed. This means that it's the last part off, giving you easy access to your vivarium at all times. This also means you don't have to pull your stacks apart to install a new light.

Unique Design

We've dared to be different and broke the mould, constantly revising and tweaking our product until it's near enough perfect. Our vivariums will never be completed, we believe they are a never ending design.

Robust vivariums

Quality and stress tested to ensure integrity and long life. Our vivariums are solid, they don't wobble and glass doesn't fall out.

Classic Rear Ventilation

All our vivariums feature rear staggered ventilation, we only use industry leading vents extensively tested to ensure our vivariums are always effectively ventilated.